is a leadership book for adventurous, courageous and bold leaders. It is based on harvesting the ancient wisdom, qualities and mindset of nomadic cultures as a way to lead successful engaged organisations.



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Interview with Kevin Cottam


People think that nomad means physical movement from place to place. Nomad means movement of the mind.

Batgerel Bat, Head of Secretariat, Mongolian National Branding Council




James Taylor, Global Keynote Speaker and founder of SpeakerU speaks with Kevin Cottam, Global Keynote Speaker:

The Nomadic Mindset of Professional Speakers



In the Nomadic Mindset:

Disruption is Normal
Change is Normal

Since the beginning of civilization when Eve picked the apple we have been living in disruptive environments where change is the only constant. So what is the big deal today? Keep exploring – be a pioneer even in the simplest way – awaken your nomadic mindset now! This book will help awaken your leadership qualities and mindset!

Creating performance excellence starts within

We are all performers in life and work. Your mindful awareness of your authentic self-leadership holds the key to performance excellence