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The Global Nomad Keynote Speaker
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For the past two years, I have been incubating an elephant. Now it is to be born on the 28th of March 2019. Finally, is all I can say.

My mentor, Fredrik Haren, a Global Conference Speaker who helps you find your inner theme, inspired me to begin this quest. After being lost in the wilderness of searching for a brand and theme that resonated in my soul, he helped me realize I am a global nomad. This discovery was the trigger that ignited this journey to discover The Nomadic Mindset.

Now let’s talk a walk, or a fast jog, down memory lane.

The Why

When I look back and connect the dots of nearly six decades, I see that in many ways, my Why has rarely changed, but its core essence has become much clearer and stronger.

I believe I am here “to inspire others (and organisations) to live with an expanded mindset without borders.” My journey, I now realize, to the nomadic mindset is grounded in this Why.


The Past

People ask me where home is. I say it’s wherever I lay my head at night. Realizing I am a Global Nomad has given me deeper purpose, direction, and comfort.

I’ve lived on four continents in 15 major cities in around the world, presented workshops and speeches and coached in nearly 20 countries, and visited different towns and cities too numerous to list.

My background is typically Canadian: I was a joyful boy born and raised in a logging camp by an isolated lake surrounded by mountains. I somehow knew there was something richer beyond those mountains.

My family moved to the city so I could go to school, and that is when I learned to love figure skating, though I thought I ought to become a Doctor – who never did. Instead, I followed my love of figure skating and became a Canadian Junior Ice Dance Champion. After that, I went professional, trained to be a contemporary dancer, performed at the famous Le Bal du Moulin Rouge dancing the cancan twice nightly before determining my forté was that of an elite figure skating choreographer.

Originally, I’d dreamt of being a world and Olympic champion; however, I ended up somehow choreographing for elite national, world, and Olympic figure skating champions. Working with these amazing athletes was even better than competing itself.

I didn’t stop there: my nomadic mindset kept me moving!

I was fortunate to be contracted to direct and choreograph large-scale productions such as the closing ceremonies of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games, Disney On Ice, and Holiday on Ice.

One could perhaps be satisfied with that, but no, my feet got itchy again and it was time for a new self reinvention. The next seemingly natural path led me into filmmaking, where I was lucky to win many awards as a irector and editor of Short Dance Films.

Then I wanted to reach even more people in this world. This is when I found a new passion for executive coaching, keynote speaking, and training. I sense each of these reinventions were all natural transitions. 

During this time, I began to feel a book was taking shape inside me. This is when my first book, Aha, Mother’s Pearls, came out (2008). It was in many ways a precursor “journey” book to The Nomadic Mindset.


The Present

Today my passion is firmly in working in leadership, the nomadic mindset, and performance with multinational organizations (Nestle, Givaudan, Club Med, Total, etc.) and the European Union as a Global Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coach. 


The Future

To look forward is to connect the dots of the past and be creative by innovating and reinventing. My new brand, The Nomadic Mindset, is an expansion of my life beyond traditional physical and mental boundaries created by embracing and leveraging my past while continuing to be curious and live in “full bloom.” The richness this is bringing me is profound. I am learning and growing each day.

The Nomadic Mindset has unleashed a new freshness and tenacity within me that was lacking a few years back. My goal is to continue researching and working with leaders and nomads to bring about a sustainable and expansive mindset change within others that initiates the expanded awareness that is part and parcel of our ancient DNA.  



One of the results of this journey is meeting so many amazing people of all ages, races, cultures, and overall diversity. This has led me to begin sponsoring education for Maasai children in the Maasai Mara in Southern Kenya. To date, I sponsor three children of different ages. My goal is to explore how to create an NGO that will sponsor education while at the same time keep their nomadic wisdom, ways, and rituals alive.

Now, that is enough. Let’s go nomading and make a difference—a big difference. The world needs this now.

The Nomadic Mindset:
Never Settle…for Too Long