Branding of The Nomadic Mindset - The Logo

The Origins of the Nomadic Mindset Logo

Designed by: Anna Bervander, The Forest Studio 

My driver, guide, photographer, and I journey in an old 4 × 4 through the Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. We intend to stay overnight in the desert. I ask Boujemaa, my guide, how the Berbers navigate when they caravan in the expansive Sahara.

He says, “We only travel by night because it is too hot during the day. The stars are our navigation system.” I am intrigued, so he agrees to teach me about how they use the stars to navigate when we reach our destination. 

Later that evening, we go out into the velvety black night, illuminated only by the stars and the fire. I have never seen stars shine so brightly.  

Boujemaa says, “Look at the three evenly placed stars. Now look in four directions, on a bit of an angle, and you will see four other bright stars (North, South, East, and West) that line up with the three stars. The three stars are the centre for us.” I am flabbergasted.

Orion’s Belt

The three stars Boujemaa is pointing to comprise Orion’s belt. These bright stars are called Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. They are—mostly—evenly spaced in a straight line and can be visualised as the belt of the hunters clothing. 

I chose these three stars to the be centre of where every journey begins. In this case, the journey is The Nomadic Mindset. The number three represents unity and holds historical symbolism for many cultures and religions. 

In my logo, the stars are depicted as three circles that do not close, representing the gap between two thoughts, breaths, and ideas and the gap between neurological connections. They also remind us that life goes around and around. This is what the colours represent:

TNM_1 Circle_Blue

BLUE = Sky & Water

TNM_1 Circle_Red

RED = Sun

TNM_1 Circle_Orange

ORANGE = Earth & Sand