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From a logical point of view, an actual fact of nomads is about seeking opportunity.

Robin Lokerman Group President, MCI-Group, Singapore/Geneva

The nomadic mindset should be the marketing line, because they're the ones that should be out there and saying, What are the other ways to engage consumers? How can we continue to evolve as a brand?

Steen Puggaard CEO 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, Singapore

My definition of a nomad is someone who is a nomad in the mind – the mind must be able to seek change as a lifestyle and not as an exception.

Roland Genson Council at Ministry of Justice, Luxembourg Permanent Representation, Brussels Belgium

Seeds of a nomad are still within us.

Dr Sheila Patel MD – The Chopra Centre for Well-Being, Carlsbad USA

If you are feeling stressed, the nomadic mind, gives the signal you must do it now.

Batgerel Bat Head of Secretariat, Mongolian Branding Council

We are herders and we accept this, just as we accept others and we respect it.

Binderiya Mongolian University Student