Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speeches

100% of executives interviewed said they need more people with a nomadic mindset.


The fresh, new keynotes below are all intricately connected to the leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long. The book’s content is the basis for each keynote, using the experiential stories from Kevin’s nomadic research in Mongolia, Kenya, and Morocco alongside case studies and conversations with multi-industry executives and leaders in both public and private sectors as a foundation.


Modular: Bespoke Content

The modular journey-like nature of the book allows all the speaking topics below to include the many different aspects of the nomadic mindset. This enables a keynote that can be built around the theme, needs, and desires of the client. Hence, the nomadic mindset becomes the overarching colour, feel, and content and includes stories that can be adapted to the modern needs of organisations and life in general.  This is an example of a nomadic flexible approach.


Three Main Keynote Speeches for Industry 4.0

Mindset is Your Capital
Mindset is the currency of the future. Having the right mindset for the right position at the right time in an organisation is vital for success in this fast-paced, ever-changing world of Industry 4.0. Discover three different dominant mindsets—nomadic, builder, and settler—that make up every person and every organisation. This knowledge can then be used to track the mindset of your organisation’s evolution so you avoid having it become a dinosaur. This keynote is popular with HR professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs in technological and creative industries.

The Nomadic Mindset
Ancient nomadic wisdom inspires modern leadership to determine the qualities needed to sustainably lead in a multi-generational Industry 4.0. This keynote is popular with leaders; entrepreneurs; start-ups; digital nomads; organisations in changing, fast-moving, agile companies; and those in creative industries.

The Change Cycle
Change is normal for nomads; change is essential for all; change is growth. This keynote teaches you how to resiliently traverse the change cycle (disruption, change, accept, adapt) in a business environment without losing your humanity. This topic is attractive to industries and sectors struggling with change, resilience, and engagement.

Style and Form

The authentic style and form shared by all the keynotes

  • are story filled
  • use colourful slides
  • include interactive elements
  • take you on a physical and mental journey
  • include fresh, original content
  • leave you inspired, open, and more expansive
  • give you take-aways to be the best you

Appropriate Industries

  • public and private sectors, NGOs, and associations
  • self-empowerment associations
  • educational institutions
  • sports, entertainment, and special events
  • travel and hospitality
  • digital nomads, entrepreneurs, start-ups
  • chambers of commerce


Speech Lengths

  • 20-minute TEDx style
  • 45-minute keynote
  • 90-minute interactive keynote

NOTE: an optional add-on includes a two-hour workshop following the keynote to capture and work on the content of the speech.



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