Executive Nomadic Leadership Coaching

Executive Nomadic
Leadership Coaching

Think Vastly; Act Narrowly

Binderiya, Mongolian student–

When I first meet clients (leaders, managers, directors), they generally have a narrow perspective on a variety of issues. The goal, then, is to gently help or guide them to find, by themselves, a more expansive perspective, thereby, increasing greater awareness and create positive behavioral change. This allows them to transform to a freer, lighter, more visionary perspective and enabling them to see a variety of perhaps elusive possibilities more profoundly. The 5Ds Model opens them up to a more expansive nomadic mindset—“nomad” in this case meaning “the movement of the mind.” 


5Ds Model:

The 5Ds model has been developed from Kevin’s extensive research into ancient nomadic wisdom and cultures in Mongolia, the Maasai in Kenya, and the Berbers and nomads in Southern Morocco. The model combines this research with conversations with executives in the private and public sectors and his extensive global living and working experience and coaching education. The model and method are holistic and take the client or team/tribe on a journey towards an more expansive mindset.

His leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, shares the fluidity of thinking that can expand your mindset.


The 5Ds Stand for

D1: Direction – where the client or session is heading
D2: Departure – why one is heading in this direction and what information needs to be shared to move them forwards on the journey
D3: Discovery – what one will explore that will help them unlock, expand towards, and ultimately create a transformation/shift
D4: Destination – what the desired goal or outcome is
D5: Distillation – the summary of one’s journey and determining what actions will take them forwards


Some Benefits of Nomadic Leadership Coaching

  1. Develop visionary, expansive, and intuitive thinking and actions.
  2. Remove blockages by realising your challenges for what they really are.
  3. Allow you to be more strategic, creative and structured.
  4. Develop holistic empathetic qualities that create positive behavioral change.
  5. See your organisation, individuals, and clients as an interconnected whole.
  6. View your ‘tribe’ as your greatest asset.
  7. Live this African proverb: “To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together.”


Kevin’s Nomadic Coaching Experience

  • PCC-ICF Accredited Coach and Member of International Coaching Federation
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
  • SUN (Success Unlimited) Certified Coach
  • Values Online Accredited
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Organisational Relationships Coaching Method trained
  • Author of The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long (2019) and Aha, Mother’s Pearls (2008/2012)
  • 15 years’ experience as an executive coach working globally in the public (European Union) and private sectors (e.g., Givaudan, Cegos, Club Med) focusing on managers, directors, and C-suite executives
  • 38 years as a figure skating coach and choreographer to elite world and Olympic champions
  • 20 years as a director and choreographer of large-scale, live productions ranging from 1–3,000 participants, one with an audience of up to two billion people (1988 Calgary Olympic Closing Ceremonies), and short dance films


In an industry often crowded with ex-business executives offering business-oriented advice, Kevin Cottam brings a fresh perspective to the challenges one faces when trying to carve [out] a new path in life. His highly creative and eclectic background allows him to provide his clients with a decidedly non-corporate view of the world, getting them to see the opportunities ahead of them in a whole new light. He has a wonderful, empowering way of getting you past yourself and the fear that often blocks you from realizing your full potential. I have enjoyed having him alongside me and have benefited greatly from his guidance.

–Bill Baker, Chief Strategic Officer, Envisioning and Storytelling, Vancouver, Canada–

For further information on the coaching process and to book nomadic leadership coaching, email connect@thenomadicmindset.com.