The Nomadic Mindset Leadership Training

The Nomadic Mindset
Leadership Training

100% of the executives interviewed say they need more people with a nomadic mindset.

Armed with this knowledge, The Nomadic Mindset research and direction has inspired a variety of bespoke interactive trainings to help individuals, teams, and organisations fit a modern world, all resulting in a more expansive mindset. This is a fresh, unique, and rare starting direction needed in today’s organisations. The courses are themed and follow the learning extracted from Kevin’s leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long.


Training Workshop and Retreat Areas of Focus:

  • leadership (self and hierarchy)
  • mindset
  • resilience/engagement/energy
  • change
  • creativity/innovative thinking
  • presentation skills


The Nomadic Mindset Assessment

All the trainings start with The Nomadic Mindset Assessment to determine the dominant mindset of each individual. It assesses which of the three mindsets—e.g., nomadic, builder, or settler—is dominant in you at that specific time. It is important to know that all three mindsets live within everyone and can also help indicate and track what evolutionary stage and mindset a company is currently in.



The trainings are all interactive and evolutionary, meaning that they take you through a journey using the 5Ds Model: Direction, Departure, Discovery, Destination, and Distillation. The learner determines their own journey and moves at their own pace. This model mirrors their daily existence and thinking patterns/strategic process. 



All the trainings are based on experiential stories. This means that nomadic stories are used as metaphors for the learning process. It is for each participant to then take their own stories or needs and transform and expand them with deeper thinking, practice, theory, and playful activities. In the experiential workshops, you will connect to your mind, body, and spirit as this interconnects individuals more deeply.



  • assessments
  • games
  • theory
  • group work, discussions, case studies
  • music
  • physical movement
  • drawing
  • action focused
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