Nomadic Mindset Dominance Assessment (NMDA)

Welcome to the new
Nomadic Mindset Dominance Assessment (NMDA)
for 21st Century Organisations

While doing my research for the leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, I asked executives the question,

‘What is the mindset that you need more of in your organisation today?’

Unanimously they said,

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The sole purpose of the NMDA is to fast track and identify an individual’s dominant and subdominant mindset typologies at the time of taking the assessment.  Those being the nomadic, builder and settler mindsets.  This will help identify how a leader and employees can evolve their capabilities for the challenges, opportunities and speed of today.

Why is this Assessment important for today?

The digitally transformed and ever evolving organisations of the 21st Century need additional leadership capabilities to those that were successful in the 20th Century. Leadership mindset is at the heart of this change and developing a mindset more suited to uncertain, more challenging times is key to success. The NMDA is a tool that helps mobilise and encourage leaders to transform their organisation for the 4.0 and 5.0 years ahead.

Our belief is organisations and individuals need to harness and live with agility, be fast, flexible, creative, collaborative, adaptive, interconnected which best represents a flat ecosystem that develops independent human potential. In our view of the world everyone is a leader and therefore it takes everyone in an organisation to help it thrive and this will depend a lot on each person’s dominant mindset. 

Who is the NMDA for?

EVERYONE in your organisation from the top down (including your board of directors) to the very bottom. This will give you a broader look at the human potential of your talents mindsets, departments and teams.

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The Nomadic Mindset:
Never Settle…for Too Long

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Some Benefits to you and your organisation

  • Leading with a more expansive understanding of their employees, clients and competitive environment
  • Aligning your ecosystem and talent with your overall purpose and goals to optimise performance, productivity and a happy work environment
  • Identifying your optimal team make up with the right talent with the right mindset and skills needed to fulfill the right position at any given time
  • Tracking the evolution of an organisation’s development and performance (both success and failure) according to the mindset of the leader or other stakeholders involved at any time in its existence
  • Inspiring personal development and growth through awareness of your strengths while observing and developing your shadow side

Downloads for more information

The Three Mindsets:

Resource: Recognize the Nomadic, Builder and Settler Mindsets.

NMDA Sample Report:

Get a flavour of exactly what you will receive after you have completed the NMDA.

Post-NMDA Products:

Coaching and Training programs to develop your mindset dominance.

Developed in Partnership with Kevin Cottam and Jeremy Blain, based on the research for the leadership book
The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long