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TNM_Podcast Episode #001:  Jeremy Blain​

The Nomadic Mindset meets The Fit 21st Century Organisation

TNM_Podcast Episode #002: Ron Kaufman​

The Nomadic Mindset meets The #1 Service Guru

TNM_Podcast Episode #003: James Taylor

The Nomadic Mindset meets the SuperCreativity Keynote Speaker

TNM_Podcast Episode #004: Stephanie Nash

The Nomadic Mindset meets the New People Officers of Today
Philippe Guichard

TNM_Podcast Episode #005: Philippe Guichard

The Nomadic Mindset meets the Value of Industrial Design
Andrea Edwards

TNM_Podcast Episode #006: Andrea T Edwards

The Nomadic Mindset meets the Humanity through Social Leadership

TNM_Podcast Episode #007: Ritu Mehrish

Leaders are not Superheroes, They are Human

TNM_Podcast Episode #BONUS: Bavani Periasamy

Gratitude is a Gift of Life

TNM_Podcast Episode #008: Fredrik Haren

The Nomadic Mindset meets the Creativity Explorer Extraordinaire

TNM_Podcast Episode #009: Leighton Prabhu

Wanna be a Digital Nomad?

TNM_Podcast Episode #010: Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson

The Human Powered Explorer Tells!

TNM_Podcast Episode #011: Junxian Lee

Start-ups: Be the Owners of your own Destiny

TNM_Podcast Episode #012: Alison Godenir

Gen Blending Transforms Organisations

TNM_Podcast Episode #013: Mark Brown, PCC

Seek Clarity: Be in this Uncertain time Together

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Welcome Nomads and Aspiring Nomads to
Season 1 of The Nomadic Mindset Podcast (TNMP)

‘Where ancient wisdom meets modern leadership to inspire a fresh path forward’ 

Let’s Go Nomading Together…

…to really expand your mind and discover the qualities, attitudes, and behaviours that broadly define the Nomadic Mindset and it’s vital application to 21st Century Organisations. I say let’s have fun with this journey of exploration.

Entry to the TNMP has three requirements:
  1. Your intuitive, keen desire to Become Curious
  2. Your willingness to deeply Adventure and Explore
  3. Your agility to intently Question

Are you ready to #gonomading?

But First!
Some Direction and Departure Information



01. The Caveat

Let’s be clear from the start: THIS IS NOT A TRAVEL SHOW! This means we won’t be biking across America or traversing Mongolia on a train or sitting on the edge of Lake Geneva beholding the mountains dressed in blankets of snow.


is about movement to a more expansive yet highly focused view of the world: your world and your organization’s world.

02. Season 1: 12 Weekly Episodes

In each episode, we will engage world-class thought leaders and global citizens from an assortment of industries and areas (digital nomads, AI and VR technologists, HR, , Industrial Design, Future of Work, etc.) in conversation to discover their interpretation of the Nomadic Mindset; how it shows up in their lives and businesses today; and the impact it has on their success, direction and organisational culture . I will invite them to share strategies or tools or tactics or inspire thoughts, so you can also awaken the Nomadic Mindset within you.

03. Your Participation

Get involved in the conversations by commenting post-podcast and offering positive thoughts, experiences, stories, and ideas that can help us all grow, learn, and expand. These should be voiced in a friendly, community-based, professional-fashion. Just so you know, any nasty or obscene language will not be tolerated.



Grounding Quotes of TNMP

The roots of which TNMP is grounded upon are

“Nomad = The Movement of the Mind”

Batgerel Bat, Head of the National Branding Council of Mongolia


“Think Vastly, Act Narrowly”

Binderiya, Student at the National University of Mongolia


Meaning of Nomad

Okay, so, what is the meaning of nomad? Most people think it means a culture that “moves from place to place to find new pastures.” True, according to Wikipedia.

But that’s actually not true. When I was researching my book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, Batgerel Bat, the Head of the National Branding Council of Mongolia, told me it actually means “The Movement Of The Mind.” Now that this is a whole different matter, right?

What is the Nomadic Mindset?

For thousands of years nomads roamed the world. Today, they are mostly seminomadic, settled and restricted to smaller geographical regions because of many reasons: governments, borders, political and cultural negativity towards them, climate change, and more.

Let’s face it, we all originally came from a nomadic past, and movement is in our DNA. It seems over the centuries, due to industrialization, commercialism, political power, and more, we just have forgotten or lost the true humanity that exists within a nomadic culture.

The Nomadic Mindset is represented by certain qualities, attitudes, and behaviours—like any mindset—and these will be revealed through the feeling, attitude, and fun of TNMP.

Personal Belief for this Nomadic Mindset Movement

My personal belief is that we, as a human race in general, are becoming too narrow in our thinking patterns and habits, which is making us vulnerable to all the fear being perpetrated by many sources around the world: politics, corporations, and cultures.

TNMP can help us discover, explore, and experience more positive options, opportunities, and paths forwards so we can then more pro-actively take back our inner power and be more consciously aware of the obsession for power ruling those on the outside.

Research for The Nomadic Mindset

My research of nomadic cultures in Mongolia, the Maasai in Southern Kenya, and the Berbers of Sahara in Southern Morocco, plus many global executives from start-ups to multinationals, helped me define what The Nomadic Mindset is and why it is a vital, defining necessity for today.

In TNMP, we will discover together the Why, What, Where, and How of global thinkers, most of who have a dominant Nomadic Mindset.

Enough of all this chatter.
It’s time to Discover.

Reading Material

The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long
by Kevin Cottam
Available on Amazon: Paperback / e-Book


Online Distributors: Barnes and Noble and Kobo
Bookstores: Popular Bookstores, The Times Bookstores, Kinokuniya (Singapore)
Bolen Books (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Waterstones Bookstores (Brussels, Belgium)

TNM book

The Three Mindsets:
Recognise the Nomadic, Builder, and Settler Mindsets

3 chapter cover



Audio Editors

Stevie Z and Jeremy Young