TNM_Podcast Episode #009: Leighton Prabhu

Leighton Prabhu
Tagline: Being a digital nomad builds confidence

Points to Learn

  1. The life of a digital nomad
  2. What are the challenges/limitations of being a digital nomad?
  3. How do you get clients on the road? Referrals, Outreach, Slideshare
  4. Keep your connections and keep growing them
  5. Education doesn’t prepare you for this – it comes from the mindset.
  6. Being a digital nomad builds confidence

And more …

Duration: 31:20

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Leighton Prabhu

Leighton is a Digital marketing expert with the analytical rigour of a CPA (certified professional accountant).

His focus today is on e-commerce marketing for SMEs, and particularly on finding new clients. He says, his  main role within our firm is business development. Leighton gets involved with service delivery but primarily during the onboarding phase. Thereafter, he monitors service delivery to the extent that he knows the general strategy and results. He participates in client conference calls about once a month, and his clients look to him for insights that he glean from working across a broad spectrum of clients/projects.


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Reading Material

The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long
by Kevin Cottam
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Bookstores: Popular Bookstores, The Times Bookstores, Kinokuniya (Singapore)
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