Praise for The Nomadic Mindset

Praise for
The Nomadic Mindset

Intriguing and timely! This book brings the wisdom of the nomadic people, who have adapted for centuries to the ever changing nature, to today’s disruptive world, and shows us the way to migrate to the new future.

Wendy Tanauthor of Wholeness in a Disruptive World

Mindset – having the right mindset, is one of the most important success factors of great and inspiring leaders. Kevin Cottam’s leadership book, seamlessly interconnects ancient nomadic wisdom and today’s leadership in a revealing story-filled book that shares the vital qualities of a nomadic mindset. The Nomadic Mindset, is a necessary read for leaders of all levels who are traversing today’s disruptive environments.

Marshall GoldsmithThinkers 50 – #1 Executive Coach and the only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the World.

Kevin Cottam’s inspired new leadership book, “The Nomadic Mindset: The Mindset of the Future”, explores key mindsets and personal qualities essential for good living and well-being in our rapidly changing world. Profiling three typologies that live within us all – the nomad, the builder, the settler – Kevin makes a compelling case for appreciating and cultivating our ancient nomadic wisdom. Filled with engaging stories and case studies, this new book is a captivating reminder that we are here together to live, to grow, and to serve.

Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author, Uplifting Service

A book for our time. An opportunity to look forward to where we need to go in the future, while looking back at the wisdom we’ve lost or ignored from the past. When ancient cultures understand that change is paramount to survival, without losing the essence of who they are, that is worth reflecting on. A powerful leadership manifesto that should be a must-read for business leaders everywhere.

Andrea T Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist

Kevin’s philosophy and global insights shine through as our modern era ‘nomadic’ Robinson Crusoe.

When Daniel Defoe wrote ‘Robinson Crusoe’, he was way ahead of his time as an author. As a fictional story, his book has been enjoyed by tens of millions of adventurous readers since its first printing in 1719. I believe the same will happen with Kevin’s book. The key difference is his book is rich with real peoples’ stories and experiences that we can adopt to upgrade our own leadership journey for a storybook life.

Rob Salisbury B. Com., CSP, Leadership Strategist

A tour de force of wisdom. This book is ALIVE. If you are ready to develop a mindset that is free, curious, willing to change and adapt to collaborate with the people with whom you share the same space, this is the book you cannot be without to navigate today’s complex world.

Dr Philip Merry, CSP, Leading expert in leadership and synchronicity