Praise for The Nomadic Mindset

Praise for
The Nomadic Mindset

Intriguing and timely! This book brings the wisdom of the nomadic people, who have adapted for centuries to the ever changing nature, to today’s disruptive world, and shows us the way to migrate to the new future.

Wendy Tanauthor of Wholeness in a Disruptive World

Mindset – having the right mindset, is one of the most important success factors of great and inspiring leaders. Kevin Cottam’s leadership book, seamlessly interconnects ancient nomadic wisdom and today’s leadership in a revealing story-filled book that shares the vital qualities of a nomadic mindset. The Nomadic Mindset, is a necessary read for leaders of all levels who are traversing today’s disruptive environments.

Marshall GoldsmithThinkers 50 – #1 Executive Coach and the only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the World.

Kevin Cottam’s inspired new leadership book, “The Nomadic Mindset: The Mindset of the Future”, explores key mindsets and personal qualities essential for good living and well-being in our rapidly changing world. Profiling three typologies that live within us all – the nomad, the builder, the settler – Kevin makes a compelling case for appreciating and cultivating our ancient nomadic wisdom. Filled with engaging stories and case studies, this new book is a captivating reminder that we are here together to live, to grow, and to serve.

Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author, Uplifting Service

A book for our time. An opportunity to look forward to where we need to go in the future, while looking back at the wisdom we’ve lost or ignored from the past. When ancient cultures understand that change is paramount to survival, without losing the essence of who they are, that is worth reflecting on. A powerful leadership manifesto that should be a must-read for business leaders everywhere.

Andrea T Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist

Kevin’s philosophy and global insights shine through as our modern era ‘nomadic’ Robinson Crusoe.

When Daniel Defoe wrote ‘Robinson Crusoe’, he was way ahead of his time as an author. As a fictional story, his book has been enjoyed by tens of millions of adventurous readers since its first printing in 1719. I believe the same will happen with Kevin’s book. The key difference is his book is rich with real peoples’ stories and experiences that we can adopt to upgrade our own leadership journey for a storybook life.

Rob Salisbury B. Com., CSP, Leadership Strategist

A tour de force of wisdom. This book is ALIVE. If you are ready to develop a mindset that is free, curious, willing to change and adapt to collaborate with the people with whom you share the same space, this is the book you cannot be without to navigate today’s complex world.

Dr Philip Merry, CSP, Leading expert in leadership and synchronicity

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The Nomadic Mindset is much more than just a set of principles about leadership. Kevin takes you on a trip, during which you go through meaningful motions and emotions. This book gives you a breath of fresh air, a ray of hope, and a way of acting purposefully. It shows you how you can constantly reinvent yourself to become better, not only as a leader but as a person.

This book is also a practical guide. The questions after each destination are a clever means of triggering a deeper thought process in the reader, leading to new, eye-opening answers.

Vibrant and full of strong metaphors, anecdotes, and true stories, The Nomadic Mindset is THE leadership book.

“Everything is an opportunity,” says Said Zaki, a Berber working for Club Med globally. If you want to see the world in this light, then this book will unveil all the tips you need to follow this path…

– Béatrice Bourdel-Grant, International Strategic Digital Communication Leader, Switzerland



Are you interested in developing yourself as a person, in travelling and learning about ancient cultural wisdom?

The Nomadic Mindset is a transformational journey. When you finish the book, your mind will no longer be the same. Kevin himself has developed a deeper, truer respect for the nomadic cultures he visited, and he passes that respect along to the reader. The knowledge they have developed over the centuries is of major importance and is more applicable today than you yet know.

To me, the book inspired me to rethink my development as a leader and how I contribute to society. You, too, will rediscover The Nomadic Mindset inside us so essential to our survival. Its proven success over the centuries will inspire you to see the changes of today as an opportunity to improve yourself and your environment.

That Kevin actually met with the wise nomads on his journey increases the relevance of their knowledge and makes The Nomadic Mindset even more fun to read.

I invite you to join the movement of The Nomadic Mindset.

– Eric Hoek, (Global) Procurement Transformation Leader, The Netherlands



Great leaders take their teams on exploratory journeys to discover as yet unchartered territories. The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long is much more than just another management or leadership book. It takes you on two journeys. In one, you fly off to the little known and somewhat mysterious worlds of the nomads in Mongolia, the Masaii in Kenya, and the Berbers in Morocco. In the other, you delve into yourself, your values, and your approach to leadership. With its refreshing new perspective and original concept, The Nomadic Mindset is a gemstone that has the potential to significantly contribute to a paradigm shift businesses and the world so badly need.

While researching this book, Kevin Cottam embarked on a journey to experience and absorb nomadic cultures on different continents. Drawing on these unique experiences, he shares the importance of traditions still deeply imbedded in these cultures. These customs have been kept alive for centuries and still play a fundamental role in how life is conducted in general and how business is done there. As we are introduced to wonderful ceremonies, such as the Tea Ceremony, we are inspired to reflect on the possible learning opportunities, both for us as individuals and for our organisations. We are enticed to wonder how these learnings can enrich and transform our modern leadership practices.

The stories and the colourfully vibrant yet peaceful pictures kept me in awe throughout. Kevin Cottam is an excellent storyteller and takes us with him on his discovery journeys to the deserts. He excites our senses as he weaves pictorial scenes and sentences, paints landscapes and portraits, and elucidates ceremonies and rituals. He masterfully leads us from the desert to the boardroom and from the nomads to the Western world in a juxtaposition of realities.

There are different layers and levels to this book that you can use to suit your needs. It can be read as an interesting exploration of the few tribes that still live by the principles of the nomadic mindset, as a collection of interesting views on leadership as told by corporate leaders across different industries and countries, or both.

Readers with an inquisitive and adventurous mind will discover The Nomadic Mindset and its benefits for individuals and organisations and their management. Leaders who wish to abandon the current well-known, ineffectual archetype and want to discover new pastures for their herds find a wealth of wisdom in The Nomadic Mindset, an excellent tool and a terrific option for those who want to lead change in their organisation and are willing to think differently.

This truly masterful book took me on an inspiring and thought-provoking journey, which I enjoyed tremendously. There is no doubt in my mind that every time I look into The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long I will get more insights, spirited ideas, and a deeper understanding that will lead to further contemplation. This ground-breaking book ought to be on the reading list of every leader and manager.

– Agnes Tarnai, Leadership Coach and Conference Speaker – Hungary


Kevin Cottam has an original and thought-provoking book on his hands. On one level, The Nomadic Mindset aims to inspire change in our thinking about leadership, but on a deeper level, it clarifies life itself: his tale is a meditation on the choices we make during our journeys through life, complete with new ways to think about those choices and their consequences.

The underlying themes of travelling, searching, and embarking on voyages of discovery and growth—inside and out—are reflected in the book’s organisation: Direction, Departure, Discovery, Destination, and Distillation. The globetrotter and global nomad that he is, it makes sense Kevin would tell his story in this timeless fashion. His principal message encourages us to slow down, to take the time to reflect on our thoughts, needs, and direction.

Another notable aspect of The Nomadic Mindset is its authenticity. Kevin does not speculate or hypothesise about the mindsets of genuine nomads: he knows about them. He was there. He went to the steppes of Mongolia. He connected with the Maasai in Kenya and spent time in the Maghreb with Berber and other nomadic tribes. He lived their life.

There is no substitute for genuine experience, and it brings depth to the anecdotes and insights he shares. His is a hard-won authenticity that comes from being in the field. As promised, Kevin indeed brings us gems from faraway lands.

Kevin Cottam has written a powerful book that invites us to consider the mindsets and philosophies of our cousins who still live cheek by jowl with the natural world every day of their lives. It is an original, insightful perspective. We highly recommend this book.

– Mark Brown and Meg Mann, Clarity Professional Development Lda


Kevin Cottam’s, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, comes at a time when discussion and speculation abounds about how millennials and technological disruptions may shape the future of work. Indeed, we are about to live through a fundamental transformation in the way we work and how we view stability. Projections assert that by the year 2027, 86.5 million people in the United States alone will be freelancing. 

These shifts will be staggering for the business world, and they will require a different kind of leadership framework. The Nomadic Mindset incites us to think about this new future as Kevin takes us on a journey to our ancient past to retrieve the rich wisdom of the nomads, who still live this wisdom today. Like a sage tour guide, he leads us on this voyage with captivating stories and metaphors, pausing here and there to allow us to savour rituals and practices that take on an extraordinary array of shapes, forms, and meanings.

The book is well-researched and well-lived as Kevin spent extensive time studying three different nomadic communities first-hand. It doesn’t present nomads as a meandering, roaming people looking for greener pastures but as a strategic tribe that is more agile and less attached to the material than Western countries. 

This agility is the central theme of his leadership framework. Kevin calls it a balance between inward, narrow thinking and outward, expansive thinking. The Nomadic Mindset keeps this balance throughout. As we journey through the book, we go from Mongolian tribes to start-up companies, from digital nomads in Estonia to the Anatomy of a Bird fluidly.

It is a discovery that calls us to trust that, in the end, the journey will be distilled. And yet the truth is with this unique book, we don’t have to wait till the end for the distillation: the book is filled with exercises and key questions that prompt us to think about the parallels between nomadic wisdom and our own rapidly changing world as we go along. The Nomadic Mindset asks us to leave our old world, our old thought processes, and our old practices and adapt to a refreshing new mindset over and over again. Breath-taking!

A must book for all who want to successfully traverse the modern world of rapid ongoing change. I simply couldn’t put the book down. 

– Raymond Miranda, Story & Innovation Expert, Malaysia


I have known Kevin for a hundred years and as I sat down to read The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long, I realized if I ever had to label him, which is hard to do, I would style him The Modern Day Nomad. Kevin has never allowed himself to settle for too long, be it place, or idea. This book is sum of that!

The difference between this read and other leadership books is how it made me feel. As I read, I felt myself slowing down, seeing myself as the nomad, and being set free of the usual list of “to do’s” for the day. Do yourself a favour: make a special pot of tea, pour yourself the perfect cup, and read a bit each day. This is a book you want to savour, absorb, and contemplate slowly.  It will change your mindset forever! 

– Larry Peloso, Director/Producer/Actor