The Process

The Process

How will the process of The Nomadic Mindset be Achieved?

  1. I am conducting field research into visiting three Nomadic Cultures – Mongolian Nomads; The Maasai in Kenya; and the Berbers in Morocco.
  2. I will be interviewing social and historical anthropologists to get a deeper insight into these cultures.
  3. There are ongoing interviews with executives and directors in organizations and government of multiple industrial sectors from Hospitality to Technology, to Entertainment, to Banking, to Health, to Human Resources.
  4. This is a global leadership book and will include case studies of organizations that settled for too long and have become dinosaurs today. Why? is the question. Generally, it because they did not see or risk adapting or moving to new pastures to graze.
  5. It is a ‘Being, Thinking, Experiencing Book’ rather than a ‘Telling/ Instructional Book’. The book will be written in the form that is a combination of story, case study, poetry, aphorisms, questions and room for you to scribe your thoughts then take action. It is meant to be a book that moves you through your mind and not simply telling you what to do.
  6. I will also look at comparing a Nomadic Mindset to a Settler Mindset and Nester Mindset. We have all three inside of us yet our preference is normally for one of the three – yet in our mind, we often bounce back and forth in all three. To be successful, what is the balance of movement of the mindsets that you need?
  7. I am looking at finding 10 behaviors or nomadic thinking patterns that we can concentrate on for this version of
    Nomadic Mindset

    Never Settle … for too Long
My invitation to you to participate in the success of this book.

Question to you?

Be honest, please. If you say saw a book with the title on the bookstand as you entered a bookstore that read,

Nomadic Mindset

The Mindset of the Future

  1. What would be your initial thought or thoughts?
  2. What would draw you to pick it up, or not?
  3. What would you like to learn from it?

What creative design would you like the cover to be?

I invite you to share with me as leaders your thoughts and questions as this will be very helpful to get your opinions.

As I have truly loved this journey so far, it is my quest that once I have published the book to continue my learning and discovery by spending time with different Nomadic Tribes in the world. Therefore, more books to come!

Kevin Cottam, the Global Nomad

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