Santa’s Book Choice for Christmas and the New Decade 2020

pre order book form

Yes we are almost there!

Merry Christmas and welcome to the New Decade, 2020. 

Looking for those last little presents for your loved ones, friends or business colleagues? Or a Stocking Stuffer?

Santa has a suggestion for you. I have heard that he has apparently arrived in Canada for an extended stay in Victoria and Vancouver until January 15h.  I am told that he has brought books, yes beautiful coloured, image filled books called, ‘The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long.

Santa says, as you know he travels a lot at this time of year and this would be great reading not only for Christmas but the start of a brand new Decade – 2020.  In fact, he says the reindeers have say, this is their favorite book of the season. 

What about it? 

Here are Santa’s instructions!  He says, because of the weight he could only bring a few with him plus all the other presents for other people, so best place your ORDER TODAY, to avoid any delay. 

  1. For those in Greater Victoria Area and Greater Vancouver Area there will be no postage. Just contact Santa Kevin via
  2. For those living in the rest of Canada there will be a minimal shipping and handling surcharge of $10.00.
  3. Cost: $30.00 CAN / Book
  4. Books will be signed to you and include a beautiful bookmark
  5. NOTE: Santa will not be shipping to the USA or elsewhere on this payment form – this is solely for Canadian pre-orders. If you are interested in it being mailed to you from Canada please contact me directly.  


Santa’s Special Pre-Paid Order Form

If you live outside of the Greater Victoria and Vancouver areas, your address is mandatory.