Synopsis for The Nomadic Mindset

The Nomadic Mindset


“Having the right mindset is one of the most important success factors of great and inspiring leaders. Kevin Cottam’s leadership book seamlessly interconnects ancient nomadic wisdom and today’s leadership in a revealing, story-filled book that shares the vital qualities of a nomadic mindset. The Nomadic Mindset is a necessary read for leaders of all levels traversing today’s disruptive environments.”

Marshall Goldsmith – Thinkers 50 Ranking: #1 executive coach and the
only two-time #1 leadership thinker in the world

“100% of executives interviewed said they needed more people with a nomadic mindset.”


Kevin Cottam believes the mindsets of the world and leadership is becoming increasingly narrow and inward focused; if we are to survive, thrive, and flourish in Industry 4.0, we need to expand our mindsets by invoking The Nomadic Mindset in you. He proposes the path towards an expanded mindset can be found through embracing the natural instinctive qualities of ancient nomadic wisdom that have changed, adapted, and survived through the test of time and, in many cases, may have been forgotten.

Think Vastly; Act Narrowly

–Binderiya, Mongolian student–


Metaphoric Journey

The Nomadic Mindset, a metaphor for “the movement of the mind,” takes you on a journey by drawing upon and vividly sharing a wide range of exhilarating real-life stories and experiences of the nomads in Mongolia, the Maasai in Kenya, the Berbers in Southern Morocco, and executive conversations and case studies.


Rare, Fresh, Back to the Future

This rare, fresh, back-to-the-future leadership book will provoke and persuade you to rethink your mindset while raising your awareness of two other mindsets: the builder and settler. All three mindsets will give you insights on how you can better lead an interconnected, innovative, and engaged organisation. Look inside to discover why you should learn about The Nomadic Mindset and what the nomads know that you don’t.

“A tour de force of wisdom. This book is alive. If you are ready to develop a mindset that is free, curious, and willing to change and adapt to collaborate with the people with whom you share the same space, this is the book you cannot be without to navigate today’s complex world.”

Dr. Philip Merry – A Leading Expert on Synchronicity and Leadership

Mindset is your Capital

Binderiya, student in Ulan Bator, Mongolia