The Nomadic Mindset, Never Settle...for Too Long

Nomadic Mindset

Never Settle...for Too Long

People think nomad means physical movement, it is the movement of the mind.

Batgerel Bat, Head of Secretariat, Mongolian National Branding Council

The Belief Behind the Nomadic Mindset?

Movement = The Mind
Change = Nomad
Freedom from Boundaries = The Nomadic Mindset

This leadership book is meant for adventurous and courageous leaders of all size of organizations from start-ups to multinationals and government, as well as those who aspire to be a different type of leader with a natural nomadic mindset based on the movement of mind and being. This is your primordial wisdom. Own it!

Our history and geography tells us our ancestors were nomadic. Today our lives have become settled and in many ways nested, not only physically but mentally as well. However, there are disruptive leaders who are truly nomadic in their mindset. This is a potentially a new leadership movement integrating the essential instinctive qualities of nomadic life, which focuses on the connection and combination of nature, heart and the movement of the mind.

Why aren't there better Leaders?

With all the leadership courses in the world today, the question that appears often to me and many in my field is, why aren’t there better leaders? I thought there must be another way. This was the beginning of my thesis and focus for The Nomadic Mindset. It was not just to spin another way of leading or a leadership book or more human constructs, rather my concern for the leadership of all people in this world needs to wake up, reset and come home to your ancient natural instincts. Moving in the Mind!

I believe there is great credence in this journey to the Nomadic Mindset. We can learn from nature and the nomads who are guided by the movement of nature. Nature is you, your teams and organization on multiple levels. Imagine you or your organization or your clients are all nature – what is the nature that you want to be successful today?

Deeper Belief

Using the natural instinctive behaviours/thinking patterns of the nomadic cultures, the quest is to find leadership qualities or ͚ways of being͛ that can be integrated and adapted into your lives and organizations from the inside out. This is where success and sustainability for the future lies. This is an awakening of your inner genetic code of leadership, your deepest instincts that already exist within you and your organisation. It is about strategically finding new pastures to graze on and not settle too long in any of them. Be courageous and know when to move.

The Nomadic Mindset is a Metaphor

The focus in The Nomadic Mindset is that the nomadic qualities are metaphors for adapting how you strategize, innovate and lead you, your teams, businesses and also your lives. It is to encourage you as you read through this journey book as a nomad focusing on a nomadic way of being which leads you to instinctively find the answers for yourself. Think Nomadic!

I invite you to follow along on this extraordinary journey of The Nomadic Mindset and see how you can learn, integrate and adapt your leadership to a more strategic natural instinctive movement of the mind.

Think Vastly Act Narrow

Binderiya, Student at the National University of Mongolia