The Nomadic Mindset World Live Book Launch

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This was / is a partnership that has grown out a connection on Linkedin, go figure. I have never had a connection on Linkedin that turned into anything and sort of doubted it could.  Wow this couldn’t be more stellar.

The theme of all the players in this relationship or collaboration or partnership is truly nomadic when it comes to the attitudes that embody The Nomadic Mindset. This made every element of the design from location, to food, to sitting on Harley Davidson’s, to panel speakers, to wine, food, and the guests there were a split between those who have a nomadic or builder mindset.  (to understand this more you need to read the book.)

I gave a keynote that went well and was based on The Signposts of Opportunity.  Nomads look for the signposts and then consider what does this opportunity mean to them.

As Said Zaid, a proud Berber Nomad from the Southern Sahara in Morocco said to me, Berbers see ‘Everything as an Opportunity’.  Tapping into this quote, it is interesting that this event came out of nowhere and rapidly became a signpost of a wonderful opportunity. Are you oberving the signposts that appear to arrive to you as an opportunity?

Following the keynote, Katherine Qu from ChapmanCG moderated a panel discussion with Stephanie Nash of ChapmanCG, Christopher Cai of Moovaz and myself. 


Gratefulness Thanks

Wow!  An extraordinary event like this deserves many thanks:

  • Ming Hui and his team from Moovaz
  • Stephanie Nash and her team at ChapmanCG
  • Katherine Qu of ChapmanCG for her great panel moderating
  • Chris Milliken from PengWine and his team
  • The Owners of Komoko Motors and their onsite team at Harley Davidson
  • Plus the Harley’s themselves. Now I want to #gonomading on a Harley
  • All the people in the room from APSS and elsewhere that have supported me throughout this whole journey.
  • The Executives who have contributed to the wisdom
  • And of course the Maasai in the Maasai Mara, Kenya; Mongolian Nomads; and the Berbers and other tribal nomads in the Southern Sahara of Morocco.  




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The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long
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